We save cinema.

The Illumina Cinema Laser System was developed to overcome the greatest challenges facing projector manufacturers, theater owners, cinema chains and large venue ehibitors. You need to deliver more brightness to the screen at an economical price. Until now, you've been stuck with feeble, 60-year-old xenon bulb technology that can't keep pace with audience brightness demands. You're the one losing out when audiences leave your theater for their high definition home theater. That ends now. Illumina is ready to save your cinema!  
  • Illumina lasts YEARS longer than bulbs

  • Illumina is 100% DCI compliant

  • Illumina produces from 10,000 to 60,00 lumens

From small art house screens to giant cineplexes, the Illumina Cinema Laser System provides beautiful light exactly where you need it... on the screen. 

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