No More Bulbs!


Laser Illuminated projection for all

Laser Illuminated Projection (LIP) is sweeping the world. Audiences are demanding brighter colors. Theater owners are demanding cost savings and more ticket revenue. For premium large-format screens, LIP makes perfect sense. But, what about the 95% of screens that don't need (and can't justify) 60,000 lumens of laser light? The Illumina Light Farm is designed and positioned to give that 95% the same advantages of the monster screens out there.  The Illumina Light Farm is the first multi-projector laser light source in the world and it is going to change the entire landscape of LIP.Large_Rack_Up_smaller.png

Here's why LIP is taking over:

  • Brighter, more vivid colors with a much wider color gamut that xenon.
  • Up to 50% lower electricity costs.
  • Lasts years longer than xenon.
  • No more bulbs!

Here's why the Illumina Light Farm is the right solution for you:

  • Between 5,000 and 250,000 lumens from a single location.
  • Distribute lumens to any number of new or retrofitted projectors
  • No down time for lamp changes.
  • Increased revenue for a premium experience.
  • Spread the investiment of LIP across multiple projectors for a positive ROI and lower TCO.

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