Why buy new when you can upgrade?

There's still life left in your digital projector!

You've already invested in digital cinema projection. If you aren't ready to buy a new laser projection system you can still get the benefits by upgrading your current projector.Series 1 and Series 2 projectors can both be upgraded to serve your demanding audiences for years to come with the vibrant, bright images they expect from a modern cinema experience.

We've partnered with Digicine to let you experience, in person, the value of getting the most out of your current projector.


Join us at Cinemacon 2018 for a demonstration of an upgraded series 1 projector. The Illumina laser light source coupled with the Digicine digital server will breath new life into your current technology!

You'll experience first hand:

  • How to save money by upgrading
  • How to extend the life of any series 1 or 2 projector
  • Get greater color gamut from your current technology

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Projector close up smaller